Out With the Old Tenant and In With the New

Hire a general contractor to update your Round Rock, TX-area property

Most residents in the Round Rock, TX area want to move into or rent homes that are move-in ready. By completing the essential home improvement tasks beforehand, you'll have a better chance of finding more qualified tenants and negotiating higher monthly rent. For those selling their property, it will ensure the buyer is less likely to back out of the deal. Call GAP Enterprises, LLC first when you need a local general contractor. Our crew will complete all repairs needed to turn your house into a turnkey property.

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3 perks of hiring GAP Enterprises

3 perks of hiring GAP Enterprises

Wouldn't you like to start earning rental income right away? You can when you choose GAP Enterprises-we'll work tirelessly to update your home quickly. We understand the time pressures surrounding real estate agents have, and we will work tirelessly within that time frame to make sure the property is ready for the next inhabitant. Here's what else you can expect when you make us your general contractor:

  • We will utilize the detailed inspection report given to us to make any necessary repairs.
  • You won't have to lift a finger to remodel your Round Rock, TX-area property.
  • You'll save money on your repairs or renovations-in fact, we'll give you a free estimate.

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