Change Up Everything Including the Kitchen Sink at Your House

Turn to us for kitchen or bathroom remodeling services in Round Rock, TX

Your neighbors are hard at work remodeling their homes. Why should you settle for the same old kitchen or bathroom features? Turn to GAP Enterprises, LLC in Round Rock, TX when you're thinking about starting a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

We'll handle the...

  • Demolition-say goodbye to your outdated cabinets, countertops, backsplash and fixtures. Your kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractor will save you the trouble of removing them yourself.
  • Plumbing and electrical work-modernize your kitchen or bathroom from within. We'll also install new light fixtures so you can shed light on your remodeled space.
  • Cosmetic improvements-we'll put the finishing touches on your kitchen or bathrooms by repainting the walls or installing new trim.

Just imagine your guests' jaws dropping when they see your gorgeous space. You might find yourself spending more time in your kitchen or bathrooms just to admire all of the updates.

Call 512-750-7280 now to get in touch with a kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractor in Round Rock, Texas.

We do so much more than remodel kitchens and bathrooms

We do so much more than remodel kitchens and bathrooms

The GAP Enterprises crew will take care of your additional interior and exterior upgrades, including:

  • Pressure washing or staining your fence
  • Installing or repairing your wooden deck
  • Repainting your living room
  • Trimming your trees
  • Replacing your trim

Contact us today to schedule interior, exterior, bathroom or kitchen remodeling services.